How will my light-bulb shine? I join it to a battery with string, plastic, wool and other things. What will work? Find out in this book. Level: 8

Will a brick, an apple, a box or a book roll? How can you find out? Read this book. Level: 2

What forces do we need to know about to be a rocket scientist? Build a rocket and see what you need to know. Level: 23

A girl makes a door, a spade and other things move. Do they move the same way? This book shows you. Level: 2

You can make a telephone with string. You can hear someone talk to you. This book shows you how to make it. It tells you how it works. Level: 11

Can you make a bridge with paper? A girl tries. She tries many ways. Can she do it? Level: 7

You can make a jet plane. You can fly it a home. This book shows you how. Level: 12

We get heat in many ways. The sun makes heat. What other ways make us warm? Find out in this book. Level: 8

Heat moves from place to place. What affects its direction and speed? Read this book to find out. Level: 23

You can make a magnet. It will pick up things. This book tells you how someone made a magnet. Level: 14