Earth and Space

In every season we eat foods. But what can we grow in summer? What can we grow in the other seasons? Find out in this book. Level 3

We are the weather watchers. What is the weather like this week? We make charts to show this. Find out how in this book. Level: 10

Weather changes with the seasons. But what makes the seasons change? Is it the same all over the world? Level 14

What clothes do you wear in autumn, winter, spring and summer? What do you look like in each season? Level: 3

Two children did a project at school about seasons. They tell you how they did it. They tell you about the seasons. Level: 9

We use water every day. We waste water every day. This book shows you how we waste water. It tells you why we should not waste water. Level 8

Wind farms make electricity. Some people think wind farms are beautiful. Some people think they are too noisy. What do you think? Level: 17

On a sunny day, we have a shadow. Our shadow is like a clock. This book tells you why. Level: 9

When it rains, what stops the soil from washing away on hills? This book shows you an experiment to find the answer. Level: 8

The Pinnacles are strange shapes coming out of the ground. How did they get there? Level: 19