Big Books

45 av titlene i WINGS-serien og 20 fra Traditional Tales er utgitt også som Big Books. De egner seg svært godt til shared reading i mindre grupper eller i klassen. 

Størrelsen er 36,5 x 50 cm og de koster 265 kr (nivå 2 - 20) og 285 kr (nivå 21 - 26) pr. stk. 

WINGS Big Books

Level 2          Ben's Bath, The Fish and the Cat, The Magnet, Share Bear

Level 3          The Alphabet Song, Good Dog, The Mean Giant,
                         The Monster, Sleepy Zoo

Level 4/5      Around and about, Chicks Don't say Quack, Crabs on a Rock,
                          No one Likes Me, Snails and Slugs

Level 6/7       Days at the Beach, Make a Worm Farm, The Mango Tree, 
                           Melon for Tea, The New Butterfly, Oh No!, Six Little Chicks

Level 8/9       Max and the Clouds, Trees, What a Waste

Level !0/11    Five Beans, Cluck!,Quack!, Moo!

Level 12/14   Making a Magnet, The Tricky Truck Track, What Shape is Water?

Level 15/17   How a Butterfly Farm Works, Ling's Monster, Lovely Lunch,
                             Wetland Birds

Level 18/20   The Best Pet, The Hatchling, The Night Dragon, What's This?

Level 21/23   Still as a Statue, Big Ned and the Eggs, Kitchen Scientist

Level 24/26   The Choclate Maker's Secret, Cyril the Dragon, Little Porro,
                              Mighty Minibeasts, Sly Tom

Traditional Tales Big Books

Level 5              The Gingerbread Man

Level 8              The Three little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling

Level 10/11     The Frog and the Ox, Little Red Riding Hood

Level 12/14     The Fox and the Crow, Poor Old Lady, The Billy Goats Gruff

Level 15/17     Town Mouse and Country Mouse, Babushka, Goldilock and the Three Bears, 
                               Jack and the Beanstilk, King Midas, The Thick, Fat Pancake

Level 18/20     Puss in Boots, The Bremen Town Musicians, The Emperor's New Clothes

Level 21/23     The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Level 24/26     Aladdin and the Lamp