The world is full of living and non-living things. How can you tell the difference between them? Read this book to find out. Level: 24

When do bats and monkeys sleep? Do they sleep in the day? Do they sleep at night? Find out in this book. Reading Level: 2

How does a bean seed grow? How long does it take? How can you turn one seed into five seeds? This book shows you. Reading Level: 11

What foods do you give to a pet horse, cat, dog, turtle, guinea pig, rabbit or hen? Find out in this book. Level: 10

Have you ever wondered what a magnifying glass is? Where did it come from? How does it work? This book shows you. Level: 20

Some parts of your body stop growing when you get older. Some parts keep growing all your life. How do humans grow? What happens when… Level 24

Scientists around the world try to group and name all the different kinds of living things. How do they do this? Read this book to find out. Level 24

A manual for raising silkworms, harvesting their silk, using the silk to make a bookmark and preparing for the next season. Level: 20

Frogs have an amazing life cycle. How does an egg grow into a tadpole and then into a frog? Find out in this book. Level 23

Three children find seeds in a garden. They add water and wait to see what they will grow into. But the mystery seeds give them a big surprise. Level 22