In this book, we will learn about solids, liquids and gases. We will make some observations, experiment and make predictions. Let’s get started! Level: 25

Some things will stretch. Some things will not stretch. How do you find out? Level: 2

Some things are soft. Some things are hard. Can you sort them? This book shows you how. Level: 4

You can send secret letters. This books shows two ways you can write invisible letters. It is amazing! Level: 11

Some materials can be changed when they are dropped or squeezed. We can test and compare materials. This book shows you how! Level: 12

Crystals are not plants or animals, but they can grow. What are they. How can you grow a crystal? Level: 21

In this book we will look at some materials found at home. How can we use them? Can they be combined to make something new? Let’s find out! Level: 12

You can do some amazing experiments in the kitchen. Find out how to make celery change colour. Make an egg go soft like rubber. Be a kitchen scientist. Level: 23

Can a paperclip float? Can an insect walk on water? You can do experiments with water to find this out. This book tells you how. Level: 22

We re-process and re-use metals all the time but what do we know about metals? In this book we will lokk at what makes metals special and how it can be used. Level 24