Wings Level 21-23

Have you ever wondered what firefighters do? Would you like to be a firefighter? Read this book to find out about it.

William Withers is a menace – or so his Aunt Ada says. So William’s dad taught him to be as still as a statue. But what happens when his aunt visits again is a real surprise.

The ancient Greek goddess Athena taught Arachne how to weave, but Arachne became proud and selfish. She made Athena very angry when she made fun of her. What will Athena do? What will happen to Arachne?

Big Ned does amazing things. It is Pa’s ninety-ninth birthday, but he can’t have a cake because there are no eggs and the chooks won’t lay more until the next morning. Can Big Ned make the chooks lay eggs in time for Pa’s birthday?

The fox has been worrying the sheep, so the farmer brings Alfred the alpaca to the farm. Then a dust storm makes it hard to see. What will Alfred do? Will the fox get Max and the lambs?

Six brothers go fishing at a river that has a mean old alligator. At the end of the day they count only five brothers. Did the alligator get one?

A girl wants a bear. Her grandma says she is too old for a bear. So she imagines one. Will she get a real bear?

Atlas is the legendary Greek giant who holds up the sky. Why does he do this?

Some animals and plants use armour to protect themselves. Do you use armour to protect yourself? Find out in this book.

Can a paperclip float? Can an insect walk on water? You can do experiments with water to find this out. This book tells you how.

Would you rather go to the beach or the zoo? How would you choose? This book shows you.

Compost worms help us in many ways.They help us to recycle and to keep the environment healthy. Find out more in this book.

Crystals are not plants or animals, but they can grow. What are they. How can you grow a crystal?

Frogs have an amazing life cycle. How does an egg grow into a tadpole and then into a frog? Find out in this book.

How do scientists organise experiments? How can you keep ice cold longer? Find out in this book.

You can do some amazing experiments in the kitchen. Find out how to make celery change colour. Make an egg go soft like rubber. Be a kitchen scientist.

Some children made a star shaped garden. What did they grow in it? Could you make a star garden?

Kelly thinks it is a good idea to have a TV in her bedroom. Kelly’s parents don’t think it’s a good idea. Who is right?

What would it be like to have an identical twin brother or sister? What fun could you have? What could be a problem?

What happens inside a volcano? What makes a volcano erupt? Make your own model volcano and watch it erupt.

Big Ned and his friends like to go fishing. But what is that noise? It sounds like an avalanche. Can Big Ned save the town? Is fishing over for the day?

A farm boy finds a missing cow, but is chased by trolls. Can he get back to the farm with the cow?

William is not afraid of spiders or rats. William is not afraid of monsters or bullies. William is not afraid of anything or anyone. So why won’t William go swimming?

Three children find seeds in a garden. They add water and wait to see what they will grow into. But the mystery seeds give them a big surprise.

Bread has been made for thousands of years. How is bread made today? There are many kinds of bread. Read how one baker works in his bakery.

Oil and water don’t mix. But what happens when you mix oil and detergent? Read and then mix liquids to learn more about oil and water.

Trees are a very important part of our environment. How can one person make a big difference to the number of trees in our environment? This book shows you how.

Wheat seeds are important to wheat plants and to people. Read about wheat seeds and what happens to them. How do you use wheat seeds?