Deep End - Purple

Cain King is trouble. He is also big and slow. So when Cain challenges Ethan to shoot baskets, the stakes are high and Ethan is confident he can win. Ethan should have known better than to tust Cain.

Russell’s father was a wildlife ranger, so Russell knew all about looking after Joeys. But nothing could have prepared Russell for this Super Joey.

Elmer, a smallish dragon, is hauled before the School Council. ‘You came bottom in Bravery,’ snorts Snap Dragon. Elmer will be spared spending a week with the crocodiles at Crunch Creek if ..

Food for worship, food for special occasions, food in different cultures, food for school, food in restaurants, food you like, food you don’t like, stealing food, preparing food, party food, play with food…

Cyril, the palace dragon, fits in by following the other palace pets – MacKinlay the very cool cat and Buster the enthusiastic dog. But when he tries to cheer up the king by copying what Buster does, he finds himself without a home.

Scott has won a science scholarship and his mum is driving him to enrol at a flash new school. He feels a weird mix of excitement and terror. He is not terrified of the new school.

A car accident leaves Tom hurt and alone in the desert. Is his encounter with Shimmer and Wisp real or imagined?

This book contains three powerful stories based on myths from ancient Greece and Rome.In ‘The Horses of the Sun’ Phaethon defies his father. In ‘Love in the Morning, Love in the Evening’ Aurora wishes for her beloved to live forever.

Aton and his twin sister Ebana are from a poor family living in ancient Egypt. Unlike the rich family in the big villa they do not have easy access to education, cosmetics, fine clothes or a doctor.

Childhood looks at the very different ways in which children have lived at times in the past and in some places still today. In the early 1800s one in five children died before the age of one. In the past only wealthy children went to school.

This book tells the story of Abang Othow. It tells of her memories of childhood in Sudan, how she survived war and homelessness and how she courageously created a future full of promise in a new country.

This is a book about a country, a trek and a remarkable friendship. Experience the chaos of Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu. Learn about the geography, religious festivals and poverty of this fascinating country and its people.

‘You are standing in front of thousands of screaming fans. The spotlight follows you as you strut across the stage. You are playing a wild guitar riff…The crowd is going crazy…’ This book tells you how to start a rock band.

Actor Paul Blackwell’s personal and lively account of making a silent movie with the adventurous film-director Rolf de Heer. Paul describes the film-making process from the initial idea to opening night.

There are more than six billion people in the world to feed. Fish are an important food source but many kinds of seafood are becoming…

When Dr Ignaz Semmelweis suggested that doctors wash their hands before operating on patients, senior medical doctors at the time laughed and he lost his…

Do you fancy living in a freezer? Me neither. But polar bears are perfectly at home in freezing temperatures. They couldn’t survive in a hot…