Deep End - Green

This book tells about Antarctica – its location, climate, inhabitants and history. It also explains why this frozen desert is under threat.

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Mexico. Snow-capped volcanoes, ancient pyramids, glitzy resorts and steamy rainforests …

No-one could have guessed how Andrew’s life would turn out – especially Andrew. Some people think his story is sad. Others say it’s amazing and even inspiring. You can judge for yourself.

Rome Sweet Rome takes you back two thousand years to a time when powdered mouse brains were used for toothpaste. Ancient Rome may have been smelly, but the Romans sure knew how to build arches and great public buildings.

What was life really like for the millions of settlers who moved to the North American prairie in the late 1800s? Pioneers on the Prairie tells their story.

Ocean Life introduces you to marine habitats and creatures that live in the oceans. What are the threats to this unique, diverse enviroment? Why is sea salty? Are some oceans saltier than others? Why?

About half of your weight comes from muscles. Find out about the different types of muscles that make your body work. What is a muscle? How and why do they change shape? There are muscles that you can control and muscles that you cannot control.

When the first Olympic Games were held (nearly 3000 years ago), news of the winners was sent out with pigeons. Before telephones were invented, journalists sometimes sent back news with pigeons. Pigeons have served in armies, carrying messages under heavy enemy fire.

In a storm-swollen river, a prince manages to cling to the floating trunk of a tree. But he is not pleased when he is joined on the log by three others trying to survive the storm and the flood: a snake, a rat and a parrot.

What if Dad twitches and the kids say stuff or give each other looks? What if this makes me feel embarrassed, when all I really want is to feel like a hero – full on proud of my dad?

When Nick’s telescope arrives, his friends Caleb and Rosie get caught up in the excitement. The three decide to call themselves The Stargazers, and they work hard to construct an observatory in Nick’s backyard. They look forward to their first night of stargazing. But something interferes with their plans.

In this book you will meet Susie Blue (who has trouble with a tube of super glue), a pig (who tries to fly) , a boy (whose report card is a catastrophe) , an elephant (who thinks she’s a duck) , and a tiger (who is always apologizing).

Alice and her sister Poppy are excited about going to stay with their Aunt Hettie at Sparkle Bay. Aunt Hettie is a filmmaker, and Poppy dreams of getting a starring role in her next film.

Dagger-mouth is hungry. He is living on the remains left by other dinosaur hunters. As a tyrannosaur he is king of the predators, but he is young and has still to learn how to make a successful attack.

Daisy Petal’s parents are not pleased when she brings home the class rats, Spick and Span. The Petals like everything to be perfect. They have won an award for Hygiene and All-Round Cleanliness, and a TV crew is on its way to interview them. What is to be done with the rats? What if they were to escape?

He thinks Plainsville is the most boring town on the planet. But Fletcher Fingal’s life becomes more interesting when the substitute teacher arrives.

The Willow Boat River Race has a valuable prize – but to enter, you have to build your own boat with recycled rubbish! Lina and Kurt recruit the Pico twins to help them build their own boat, the Wild Whirlpool. Will it stay afloat? Can the team of four win the prize?