Pigeons: Pathfinders and P-mail

When the first Olympic Games were held (nearly 3000 years ago), news of the winners was sent out with pigeons. Before telephones were invented, journalists sometimes sent back news with pigeons. Pigeons have served in armies, carrying messages under heavy enemy fire. In this book you can read a diary account of the breeding, training and racing of pigeons. You can find out about the history of these unique birds and how they find their way. The book also examines ways that are being tried to solve the problem of feral pigeons.


ISBN 9781741203516
Series Deep End
Author Croser, Josephine
Illustrator Croser, Nigel
Themes , ,
Format Paperback
Text Type Explanation, Recount, Information report, Discussi
Reading Level Age Level 10+ Years
Classification Nonfiction
Stock High
Release Date October 15, 2007