Vikings: Raiders and Traders

Blood, sweat, guts and horns. These are the words that probably come to mind when you think of the Vikings. But Vikings weren't all bad.As well as their nasty stuff, they were also successful traders and expert boat builders. This book goes deep into the history of the Vikings. Learn about where they came from and why they invaded other lands. Would you have had what it takes to be a Viking? Dive right in and find out. Vikings: Raiders and Traders is an action-packed ride into the life of a Viking.At a deeper level it is about history and cultural change.



Product Details
ISBN 9781741204827
Series Deep End
Author McDougall, Jill
Illustrator Ide, Tim
Themes , ,
Format Paperback
Text Type Information Report, Recount (letter), Procedure
Reading Level Year 6
Classification Nonfiction
Stock High
Release Date September 10, 2009