I, Brutus

Yard Things Not to Be Attacked, Chewed or Buried 1. All fun-to-rip items such as sheets, slippers, cushions 2. Anything left on porch, including mobile phone and furry coat 3. Flowers and other leafy items 4. Anything with a face (except slugs) Brutus doesn't mean to get into trouble but trouble seems to follow him everywhere he goes. When he overhears his owners talking about the dreaded 'city dog pound', he is determined to change. I, Brutus is a

Product Details
ISBN 9781741204902
Series Deep End
Author McDougall, Jill
Illustrator Gynell, Donna
Themes ,
Format Paperback
Text Type Narrative, Humour
Reading Level Year 6
Classification Fiction
Stock High
Release Date September 22, 2009