Galapagos: World of its own

Ever wanted to visit Mars? A visit to the Galapagos Islands is not another planet, but it is pretty close. This group of islands is one of the most untouched places on earth. Galapagos: A world of its own takes to the islands to explore their weird and wonderful wildlife,plant life, and landscapes. Learn about why the islands' amazing creatures live there and what makes them special. This book also explains how the islands formed and explores ideas about how different species evolved. You will learn about wildlife protection,and preserving the environment.


Product Details
ISBN 9781741204834
Series Deep End
Author Croser, Josephine
Illustrator Gibbs, Matthew & Verity
Themes , ,
Format Paperback
Text Type Information Report, Recount (letter), Procedure
Reading Level Year 6
Classification Nonfiction
Stock High
Release Date September 10, 2009