Food for Thought

It seems like we're always being told what to eat - carbohydrates, high fibre, low fat and no sugar - but what's really good for us? Does it matter if it's fresh or frozen? What do the labels mean? Be a smart shopper and find out! This book helps you to understand the good and the bad about what you eat and what different foods do for your body. Discover how food gets to the supermarket, why technology can change what we eat, and what it can mean for the environment,so you can make your own choices. Food for Thought investigates the science of nutrition



Product Details
ISBN 9781741205107
Series Deep End
Author Croser, Nigel
Themes , ,
Format Paperback
Text Type Explanation, Information report, Description
Reading Level Year 7
Classification Nonfiction
Stock High
Release Date January 24, 2011