Wings Traditional Tales

he gingerbread man jumped out of the pan. “No one can get me,” said the gingerbread man. Is he right?

A read-along/sing-along book. The little chicks are very hungry. Where is mother hen? What will they get to eat?

A hare and a tortoise have a race. The hare thinks the tortoise is too slow. Who will win the race?

A woman needs someone to look after her sheep. A bear, a big cat and a coyote offer to help. Who will she choose?

The first pig made a house of straw. The wolf blew it down and chased him. What will happen to the pig? What will happen to the wolf?

The yellow ducklings said to the grey duckling, “You are ugly, Go away!” He meets hens, dogs and cows. Who will say the duckling is not ugly?

A prince is looking for a princess to marry. One day, a girl comes to the door and says she is a princess. Is she really a princess?

A little frog saw a big monster. But Father frog said he could make himself even bigger. How big can Father frog get?

Little Red Riding Hood visits her grandma. But the Wolf is waiting for her in Grandma’s bed.

A boy was looking after the sheep. He cried, “Wolf!” so people in the town ran to help. But is there really a wolf?

The crow had a piece of cheese. The fox wanted the cheese. How could the fox get it from the crow?

Poor old lady, she swallowed a fly. Then she swallowed a spider. She swallowed a cow too. What will happen to her?

The sky is falling! So Chicken Licken goes to tell the king. On the way she meets some friends. Then they meet Foxy Loxy. What will happen next?

Frog goes a-courting to see Miss Mouse. He asks her to marry him. Will she say yes?

A farmer grows a giant turnip. But he cannot pull it from the ground. His wife tries and then the goat tries. Will they get the turnip out?

The ant needs help. The dove comes along and helps the ant. Now the dove needs help. What will the ant do?

Three billy goats went up a mountain to find food. A nasty Troll blocked their way. How will the billy goats get past the Troll?

The milkmaid is going to the market to sell her milk. Then she will have some money. What will she buy? Will the milkmaid get what she wants?

Farmer Joe can’t sleep. His house is too noisy. So he goes to see a wise woman. What will she say? Will Farmer Joe get to sleep?

Sleepy Jack must get a job. He gets paid with money, milk, butter and a donkey. But he keeps losing them. Will Sleepy Jack learn?

The princess needs help. The frog says he will help the princess, but she must make him a promise first. Will the princess keep her promise?

An old woman lived in a vinegar bottle. One day she met a fairy. She wished she could live in a nice house. Will the fairy grant her wish?

Town Mouse visits his friend, Country Mouse. Then Country Mouse visits Town Mouse. Who has the better food? Who has the better home?

Giraffe and Rhino wish to be taller. Then they can eat juicy leaves from the trees. They visit a wise old man. Will they get their wish?

One night, three kings visit Babushka. They tell her that a special baby is being born. Babushka needs a gift. Will she find a gift before it’s too late?

Brer Rabbit is always playing tricks on Brer Fox. But, one day, Brer Fox thinks of a clever plan. Will he trick Brer Rabbit?

What would you do if you found an empty house in the woods? What would you do if someone had come into your house while you were away?

The ogre thinks he is stronger than Hedda. But Hedda has a plan to trick him. Can Hedda trick the ogre?

Jack and his mother are poor and hungry. So Jack takes the cow to market, but he trades the cow for three beans. How will the beans help Jack and his mother?

Hippo has long, beautiful hair. All the other animals admire him. But Hippo becomes too proud and makes Hare angry. What happens to Hippo’s hair?

King Midas was greedy. He wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. His wish came true. But then he became sad. Why?

The thick fat pancake rolled away. “You can’t catch me”, said the pancake. The children couldn’t catch it. The cow couldn’t catch it. Will anyone catch it?

Villagers tell an old traveller that he must move on because they have no food for him. But the traveller makes a special promise. What will he do?

The shoemaker is poor and tired. He cannot make any more shoes, so he goes to bed. But then something magical happens! Who is helping the shoemaker?

The farmer works in the fields. His wife works in the house. The farmer thinks housework is easy, so they swap jobs. Will the housework really be easy?

A poor woodcutter is granted three wishes, but he and his wife argue about what to wish for. Will they use the wishes wisely?

A man uses a donkey to carry his load. Then more people use donkeys. But the donkeys don’t want to work. What will they do?

God tells Noah that a flood is coming. Noah must build an ark for him and his family, and take two of every animal Can Noah build the ark?

Pecos Bill amazed the world. He could talk when he was a baby and rode a horse before he could walk. One day, a fierce tornado came into town. Can Pecos Bill tame the tornado?

Puss in Boots was a clever cat. His master was poor but wished he was rich and happy. Puss in Boots thinks of a plan to help his master. But he overcome the mean ogre? Can Puss in Boots make his masters wish come true?

A girl must spin straw into gold for the king. But she doesn’t know how, so a strange man helps her. What does he want in return?

Four blind men wonder what an elephant is like. One man thinks it is flat, one thinks it is round. Is it thick or is…

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster have all lost their homes. So they travel together. Will they find a place to live?

The camel and the jackal go to find their dinner. The jackal is silly and gets the camel in trouble. Will the jackal be sorry?

The Emperor spent all of his time in front of the mirror. He was always changing his clothes. One day, two men decide to play a trick on the Emperor. Will the Emperor fall for the trick?

Thumbelina is happy and lives amongst the flowers. But a nasty toad comes along and takes her away. Then she is lost. Who will help Thumbelina?

The ancient Greek goddess Athena taught Arachne how to weave, but Arachne became proud and selfish. She made Athena very angry when she made fun…

The prince invited everyone to a ball. But Cinderella was not allowed to go. Then her Fairy Godmother appeared. Will Cinderella meet the prince after all?

The town of Hamelin has rats everywhere. Along comes a strange piper who says he can charm the rats away. Can he do it?

Six brothers go fishing at a river that has a mean old alligator. At the end of the day they count only five brothers. Did the alligator get one?

A mean fairy puts a curse on a princess and she goes into a deep sleep. Then a prince visits the castle. Can he wake Sleeping Beauty?

The tiger makes a promise to the Brahmin. But the tiger wants to break his promise. So they ask the jackal for help. What will the tiger do?

Atlas is the legendary Greek giant who holds up the sky. Why does he do this?

Snow White is beautiful, but her stepmother is jealous and wants to get rid of her. So she runs away. Then she meets seven dwarfs. What happens next?

A merchant, a farmer and a fisherman are all asked a question. The fisherman asks his daughter for help. Will the fisherman’s daughter outsmart them all?

Every day, four winged horses pulled the sun-god, Helios, in his chariot across the sky. His son, Phaethon, wanted to ride the chariot to impress his friends. Helios did not think this was a good idea, but he finally agreed. Can Phaethon hold the horses?

A girl called Beauty is sent to live in a castle with a Beast. They become friends. Then the Beast asks Beauty to marry him. Will she say yes?

Aladdin and his mother were very poor. One day Aladdin found a magic lamp. The lamp made all of Aladdin’s wishes come true. But suddenly the lamp disappeared. What happens to Aladdin without the lamp?

An old man and woman find a little boy inside a peach. They call him Momotaro. Later, a band of mean ogres enter the village and worry the people. Can Momotaro get rid of the ogres?