Photocopiable materials in English for intermediate students
Author: Paolo Iotti

Level A2-B1

Dreamers is a photocopiable volume that sets out to convey value-based content in English. It accompanies biographies of famous people with grammar exercises,
thought-provoking articles and ideas for class discussion as well as fact sheets to be completed using Internet.
Each unit is based on a song, designed and composed especially to encourage learning through music as well as the internalisation of the values presented.
The audio CD features 10 original songs with a karaoke version.

• Gandhi
• John Fitzgerald Kennedy
• Martin Luther King
• Nelson Mandela
• Mother Teresa
• Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat
• Elie Weisel
• Wangari Maathai
• Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Each unit of the volume features:
• Biography
• Song
• Grammar Activities
• Projects involving the Net
• Topics for class discussion
• Key to the exercises

Dreamers Book + Audio CD
ISBN 9788853613547