Wings Level 15-17

Chick wants to go on an adventure. Then she meets the three little pigs. They tell her about the wolf. Will chick still want an adventure?

What would you do if you found an empty house in the woods? What would you do if someone had come into your house while you were away?

While Bear is asleep, Wolf hunts for honey. He follows the ants. Will the ants show Wolf where the honey is? Will Bear get any honey?

Lucy is slow to get up and go to school. Her mum keeps telling her they have to hurry. But then her mum forgets something. What will Lucy say?

A caterpillar does not want to change. He just wants to be himself. Can he still be himself when he is a butterfly?

Jack and his mother are poor and hungry. So Jack takes the cow to market, but he trades the cow for three beans. How will the beans help Jack and his mother?

King Midas was greedy. He wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. His wish came true. But then he became sad. Why?

Ling has seen a monster in the garden. Nana does not like this. But Ling takes her to see it. What will the monster be like?

A little fish is hungry. A big fish is hungry too. Will the big fish eat the little fish?

Max, Min and Mop go to the fair. Min and Mop win a prize. Will Max win a prize?

The thick fat pancake rolled away. “You can’t catch me”, said the pancake. The children couldn’t catch it. The cow couldn’t catch it. Will anyone catch it?

Town Mouse visits his friend, Country Mouse. Then Country Mouse visits Town Mouse. Who has the better food? Who has the better home?

Have you ever looked at soil under a microscope? Different soils can look amazing.

Antarctica is very cold. Can plants live there? What animals can live there? Can people live there?

A boy has a toy train set. What is good about it? What can you do with it? What is bad about it?

A boy and his mum go camping for one night. They walk, and cook and sleep. They have a good time. What would they like to do next time?

Two children have toy dinosaurs. They use them to tell you facts about dinosaurs. What kinds of dinosaurs do they have?

All birds have feathers. Do baby birds have different feathers? How do birds use their feathers to fly? This book tells you.

What is a butterfly farm? Why do people farm butterflies? How do they do it?

A girl visits her grandparents. Pop asks her to help him to make something in the shed. What will they make?

A boy lives near a little river in the hills. He follows the river with his father. Where does the river go?

A brother and sister cook something – but it is not food. What are they cooking?

A boy watches his big brother go skateboarding. What does the skateboarder wear? What can he do? Will he fall?

Many birds visit wetlands. Why do they come? What do they do there?

Wind farms make electricity. Some people think wind farms are beautiful. Some people think they are too noisy. What do you think?